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About Us

Photo Credit: Rob Shomler



Founders Travis and Mallory met over a decade ago while dancing with a ballet company in northern California. A few years later they were living together in a house with a garage, which is where their first wine was made. The wine itself left a lot to be desired, but the passion to make good wine together was born. The two have made wine almost every year since, even while both continued to chase their careers in dance. Alas, dance careers are short and tend to end abruptly, at which point Mallory and Travis found themselves married, living in Boise, ID and still dreaming about their winery. "Par terre," a dance term meaning "on the ground," is where their dream begins.


At Par Terre, we believe that, like dance, the art of winemaking is fleeting. Each wine, like each performance, has the potential to inspire, but when the performance is over, or the bottle is empty, the audience is left with only a memory of that moment. We only hope that when you raise a glass of our wine with friends and loved ones, we can become a memorable piece of the beautiful fleeting moments in your story.



Concluding a 13-year career as a professional ballet dancer, Travis moved to Boise, Idaho to work with the Trey McIntyre Project. When the company disbanded, Travis decided to follow another passion and went back to school to earn a degree in Enology and Viticulture from Walla Walla Community College. He has spent the last 5 years gaining education and experience in the commercial wine industry and enjoys continuing his exploration with Par Terre Winery.

Photo Credit: Trey McIntyre


Owner/Business Manager

After spending 8 years working as a professional dancer and Pilates instructor in California, Mallory decided to throw caution to the wind and move to Boise, Idaho. She continued to teach Pilates while earning a degree in Business Administration and beginning her career in the Idaho wine industry as an administrator with the Sunnyslope Wine Trail. Mallory loves to share her passion for wine (and life) with you in Par Terre Winery's tasting room!

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